Personal Training

03 November 2017
Posted by Katie Kiely

PT Skills Session:  4 - 30 Minute Sessions for $119

Want to learn a specialized movement?  Having trouble perfecting a skill in class?  Have a goal for the Open next year?  Let us help you! 

CrossFit Black Pearl is now offering private sessions for people who want to develop and progress faster with advanced Gymnastics and Olympic lifting skills.  Our expert-written programs will be specific to your current skillset and goals and will involve highly effective exercises that, when performed properly, will help you achieve optimal results!  Sessions are 30 minutes, not including a warm up and stretches, which you will be given and responsible for doing ahead of time.

Some of the skills we offer are: 
Pull-Up (Strict and Kipping)
Handstand Push-Up
Bar Muscle Up
Ring Muscle Up
Handstand Walk
Rope Climb

**Don’t see one on our list?  Just let us know and we will develop a program specific for you!