Personal Programming

16 November 2016
Posted by Katie Kiely

Personal programming is a great option for any CrossFitter who is looking for extra individualized direction to become a more well rounded athlete and work on their unique needs and weaknesses. 

Class programming is designed as GPP (general physical preparedness) which is excellent for any and everyone to build on the 10 aspects of fitness. While this is of course great to get you into shape and feeling better, in order to take your fitness up to the next level, additional work and attention is often needed. This is where personal programming can be beneficial. Personal programming includes a weekly email with:

  •  Individualized strength work progressions
  • Accessory movements 
  • Aerobic work
  • Skill Progressions

The main focuses will be what the athlete and the coach considers their weaknesses. The purpose of PP is to take those weaknesses and make them into strengths. As your fitness circle becomes more complete you will see the WODs become much more enjoyable! 

Contact [email protected] to set up a FREE goal setting session and discuss how personal programming can benefit your needs as an athlete.