BPX Bootcamp

02 November 2017
Posted by Katie Kiely

No fancy equipment, mirrors, juice bars, or neon lights, just the best training you can get anywhere. You aren’t paying for a typical gym membership. You are paying for professional coaching, education, and experienced workout programming – every session, week after week!   

We all know CrossFit delivers results - nobody can argue with that!  The principles and athleticism of CrossFit helps millions of people each day build strength, increase endurance and realize a community of friends and coaches that work alongside them each and every class.  

Our new BPX Boot camp series is derived from the same philosophy, the same promise of results and community, but without the Heavy Bars and Olympic lifting that CrossFit revolves around.  Through the use of dumbbells, kettle bells, weighted plates, running, body weight movements, boxes, ropes, rowers and much more, you will push, pull and train your body with skill and purpose.  

We believe in the theory that consistency along with varied high intensity workouts will achieve the best results for your overall fitness. This is the same for anyone at any level.  From the experienced athlete to the beginner, you CAN do it and we can help you.  Just show up, give us your best effort and let us help you reach your fitness goals!  

What to expect: 

45min intense, fun and effective workout that will challenge what you think you are capable of

  • Personalized coaching allowing you to advance or modify any exercise to your level 
  • Accountability of goals to keep you working at your best
  • Increase strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve agility and flexibility
  • Maximize core and mid-line stability

Schedule and Pricing:

2x each week - $79/month

3x each week- $99/month



Monday 5:00am

Wednesday 5:00am

Thursday 5:30pm

Saturday 7:15am