Is CrossFit For me?

CrossFit is for absolutely ANYONE! Regardless of age, gender, body type/size, and fitness level, anyone can participate in our classes. We never expect everyone to be the same, in fact, we always encourage scaling the workout to suit your individual abilities. So if the movement requires more flexibilty or is simply too heavy, reduce the weight or we can prescribe a more suitable movement.



How do I get started?

It's simple! At CrossFit Black Pearl, starting your CrossFit journey is a breeze. And it will most certainly improve your overall lifestyle and wellbeing. Our mission is to offer coaching and advice to our members from all walks of life, regardless of skill, ability, age, body shape and size. Improving your quality of life has never been so fun, rewarding and challenging at the same time.

Step 1

Are You Curious?

Come and pay us a visit, watch a class, talk to members and coaches, and see what our gym is all about! Contact us to schedule a time to come in.

Contact Us!

Step 2

Free Introductory Session

If you're still on the fence, we encourage you to try our FREE trial session. Learn the basics and perform a simple WOD (workout of the day). Click the button below to register. There's no obligation.


Step 3


All new members to CrossFit Black Pearl must complete this course as an introduction to the fundamental movements and intensity of CrossFit, whilst highlighting the importance of self-care and mobility. We also create personalized programming based on your needs to get you prepped and ready to take classes.

Step 4

Regular Classes

We encourage you to participate in the regular classes as a fellow member! Each class lasts 60 minutes and includes a group warm-up, followed by a strength or skill portion, and concludes with a WOD which typically lasts between 5 and 30 minutes to get your heart rate pumping.


Our Members

Here are CrossFit Black Pearl, our members always come first. Their road to success lies in our strict but calculated high quality training program. It is also further expedited through the strong camaraderie amongst our members. This provides a nurturing, supportive environment from which stems an increase in confidence and courage to go beyond their limits.

Been going for 3 weeks now and am so happy that I decided to join. The classes are hard but the coaches and the people that go there are so awesome that no matter how out of shape I am I go home feeling great !

- Brandy Scott

Welcoming and friendly people. Very professional. Had a great workout!

- Jackie Jean

I visited Crossfit Black Pearl on Friday and absolutely loved it. Everyone was so welcoming & friendly that I felt like I was part of the gym instead of just visiting. The facility was great too, even if it is a little hidden. Thanks so much CFBP for a great workout & for being so awesome! I'll definitely be coming back next time I'm in town!

- Samantha Powell

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World Class Coaching & Advice

Professional & catering to YOUR personal needs

Tight Knit Community

Train with friends who will welcome & support you

More results in less time

A lifestyle with more freedom and energy

Endurance, strength & mobility

Power, speed and agility will improve


CrossFit Black Pearl

We are a premier CrossFit affiliate located in Hampton, New Hampshire that utilizes the CrossFit methodologies of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensities to achieve optimal levels of fitness. In our 3,500 square foot warehouse, we have built a close community of people who strive to better themselves every day. We cater for all fitness levels, from beginners to intermediate and the advanced, we pride ourselves in helping our members achieve results.